Boom arms

R The booms that are mounted in Boomix truck mixer pump are three sectional (in case of the BOOMIX Z424 machine) and four sectional (in case of the BOOMIX M429 and BOOMIX M529 machines). These booms are characterized by very high durability. They are very resistant to bending forces and torsional moments. High mechanical properties of the boom arms are acheived thanks to fine-grained Weldox 700 high-strength structural steel. This steel, while maintaining the same material strength as standard constructions, allows the weight of the support sections to be reduced.

Boom movement (in the vertical plane) is performed by hydraulic cylinders and a system of pushers and tie rods on the kinematic system of the boom. IMER designs all booms to use the range of motion in the full length of the boom’s vertical and horizontal reach.

Imer truck mixer pump arm booms 01