Boom pipeline

The boom pipeline is the basic wearing-out unit of any concrete pump. Currently, IMER is equipping its machines with two types of pipelines. These are pipelines with DN125 and DN100 diameter, depending on the boom model. Pipeline pipes with SK flanges are made of special, induction hardened, 400 HRB manganese steel. This steel has increased abrasion resistance. To guarantee a long pipeline life, the wall thickness is 8mm for pipes mounted along the machine deck, whereas 4 mm for boom pipes. This easily results with a long service life of the pipeline.

DN125 boom piping on the Imer Boomix M429 truck mixer pump

The DN 125 pipeline used in the pump model M529 has a much longer life than DN100 pipes due to lower concrete-mix transfer speeds. It is also easier to pump concrete mixes referred to as ‘hard to pump’concretes.

DN100 pipeline in the Imer Boomix M429 truck mixer pump 04
DN100 pipeline in the Imer Boomix M529 truck mixer pump

Ultimately, the Imer Z424 pump boom model will also be equipped with a DN125 pipeline. The appropriate information will be included in subsequent editions of the machine’s technical specification.