Hydraulic outriggers

The M529 and M429 BOOMIX versions are stabilized by two-stage telescopic, hydraulically extracted outriggers in the “V” system. This solution ensures machine stability and safety even with an empty concrete mixer drum. Of course, this is also of great importance with a boom length of less than thirty meters. Fully extended supports have slightly more than five meters of span.

Front outriggers

The Z424 has a classic perpendicular arrangement of front supports in the “T” system. This is due to the length of the boom and the lighter structure compared to 29-meter machines.

Rear outriggers of Imer BOOMIX mixer pumps

Two hydraulic outriggers stabilize the pump on the back. The rear outriggers do not extend beyond the outline of the vehicle.Equipped with square plates for support feet. The support plates are made of durable plastic.

Rear outriggers of Imer mixer pumps 03
Rear outriggers of Imer mixer pumps