Pumping unit

The pumping unit – model SCP 60/55 is assembled in all IMER BOOMIX mixer pump models.

The pumping unit – SCP 60/55 consists of a hopper with a horizontal agitator, the S-valve with an S-pipe element.
A pair of DN 200 conveying cylinders with rubber pumping pistons are driven by hydraulic cylinders with a stroke of 1000mm.
Concrete from the mixer is fed into the charging hopper. The role of the mixer is to distribute the concrete mix to the suction zone. The S-pipe valve serves as a suction and pressure valve. The shifting hydraulic cylinder is switching S-pipe from one pumping cylinder to the other. The sequential type of pumping allows you to extend the life of the wear plate and wear ring.

Pumping unit is included in all IMER pump models 01

Technical parameters of the pumping unit:

  • SCP 60/55 model;
  • Maximum output 60 m3 / h;
  • Maximum concrete pressure 55 bar;
  • Number of cycles 30 / min;
  • Working cylinder 200 x 1000 mm;
  • Hopper capacity 350 l;
  • Hydraulic pump 107cm3/revolution – with constant power controller
Pumping unit is included in all IMER pump models 02

Diagram of the pumping unit IMER SCP 60/55

Pumping unit is included in all IMER pump models 03
SCP 60/55 pumping unit – diagram

For more information on the characteristics or technical parameters of the IMER pumping unit, please contact our sales office. Contact details can be found on the contact page.