Imer ORU LT 9.7H + SL version

The most popular concrete Truck Mixer ORU LT 9.7H with a nominal capacity of 9m3 is a compromise between the capacity and total weight of the set. A specially designed spiral and shovels optimize the loading and unloading process and also ensure the homogeneity of the concrete. We have designed concrete mixer elements to obtain the best geometry and ensure maximum efficiency and functionality during the loading phase, minimizing the risk of blockage of the charging part. Of course, safety and convenience of the operator were not overlooked. Concrete mixer drum available in the standard version and the lightweight version (SL-superlight) .

Truck Mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H 01

In the standard version the drum wall thickness is 4 mm and it is made of 30MnB5 steel resistant to abrasion. The same steel is used to make mixing spirals. On the other hand, in the SL version, the walls are made of 3 mm thick IMER WEAR Raex 300 steel and IMER WEAR Raex 450 spirals. This reduced the weight by more than half a ton. The drum is rotated by a two-stage planetary gear, which is driven by a hydraulic pump with variable displacement. Cooled oil is an efficient cooler with a built-in tank. Concrete mixer has a steel gravitational 650 liter water tank. The tank works with the LTI30 water pump driven from a planetary gear PTO. The water system has also the water meter with a scale from 0 to 500 liters.

Concrete mixer drums are, as a standard, equipped with a rotary discharge chute that works in the range of 180 degrees. The tilting angle is adjusted by means of a manual or hydraulic jack. The manufacturer also provides two lightweight extension chutes made of plastic. The drum is equipped with a manual anti-rotation lock. After blocking the drum, you can inspect the interior through a control hatch located in the side wall. A foldable ladder with a platform is used to control the load. At the support of the ladder there is a hose for washing the machine.
Steel surfaces are shot blasted in grade SA 2.5. Then two layers of anti-corrosion paint are applied. The machine is powered by a power take-off from the truck engine.

Technical data of the Imer ORU LT 9.7H concrete mixer

  • H version:
  • Nominal volume 9 m3;
  • Geometrical capacity 16.048 m3;
  • Concrete mixer housing height 2733 mm;
  • Min. concrete mixer housing length 6558 mm;
  • Min. concrete mixer housing width 2500 mm;
  • Drum speed 0-14 rpm;
  • Unloading capacity 15 “- 40” / m3 depending on the concrete fall;
  • Weight (empty) 4200 kg, version SL 3599 kg;
  • Assemby on: 8 × 4 chassis;
  • Rollers: quantity 2 x / diameter 280 mm.
Truck Mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H 05

Additional equipment for concrete mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H:

  • Additional equipment for concrete mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H
  • Additional steel chute L = 1000 mm;
  • Short steel chute L = 500 mm;
  • Additional plastic chute (polystone) (lightweight design) L = 1000 mm;
  • Additional short plastic extension chute (polystone) (lightweight design) L = 500 mm;
  • LT 555 telescopic gutter with hopper;
  • Hopper flap ø195 mm;
  • Steel chute extending on hinges;
  • Plastic chute (polystone) on hinges (lightweight design);
  • Flap on the chute;
  • Wear protection layer on the feed hopper;
  • Wear protection layer on the gutter;
  • Vibrator on the chute;
  • Hydraulic drum halfshaft;
  • Hydraulic drum cover;
  • Rear pressure gauge ø100 mm;
  • Water connection from two sides;
  • Additional valve for closing the water tank;
  • Rear steel fenders and brackets (one pair);
  • Rear aluminum covers and brackets (one pair);
  • Special fenders for the front axle and brackets (one pair) .
Truck Mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H 06