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Transporting a concrete mix is ​​an extremely important step when it comes to maintaining the quality and properties of concrete.

IMER Concrete Mixers, thanks to the high quality of production and many years of experience guarantee full reliability and economy of transport. Thanks to their technical advantages, they allow to keep concrete specification during delivery from the concrete batching plant to the construction site.

Our wide range of mixers with nominal capacities from 3 m3 to 15 m3 on trucks and from 12 m3 to 15 m3 on semi-trailers is the result of a wide know-how, which has been accumulated over decades of presence on global markets.

Concrete mixers work on the basis of hydraulic drive and planetary gear. It allows to achieve the maximum speed of the mixer at an optimally selected rotation of the chassis drive engine, which in the end results in savings due to lower fuel consumption.

All concrete mixers are available in the “H” version driven by the power take-off from the chassis and on request in the “D” version driven by the auxiliary diesel engine. Thanks to the use of special wear-resistant steel, our mixers are also available in the version “H SL” (Superlight).

A very high standard of performance and assembly on the chassis, as well as a whole range of equipment supplied as standard and a variety of additional special options makes IMER concrete mixers an unquestioned leader in many markets in Europe, Middle East and beyond.

Truck Mixer Imer ORU LT 9.7H 04

Imer ORU LT 9.7H + SL version

The most popular concrete Truck Mixer ORU LT 9.7H with a nominal capacity of 9m3 is a compromise between the capacity and total weight of the set. A specially designed […]

Telescopic chute REACH9 01

Telescopic chute REACH9

Telescopic chute REACH9 of the Swedish company MSM is a hydraulically driven, radio-controlled, telescopic chute. The device is designed for installation on concrete truck mixers from the IMER GROUP.Telescopic chute […]