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Maszyny Imer

dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05  |  Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN


dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Imer Production Plants

The Imer production facilities are two large factories. The main plant is a factory located in Udine, Italy. Concrete truck mixers, truck mixers with pumps and truck mixers with conveyor belts are produced in this location. In this plant IMER also mounts concrete mixers on truck chassis. The land area of ​​the Imer factory in Udine is 150,000 m2. Production halls cover 35,000 m2.

IMER Production Plants 01
IMER Udine Italy plant.

A second plant is located in Turkey in the town of Aksaray. The Imer factory covers an area of ​​100,000 m2, where the halls cover an area of ​​25,000 m2. The production capacity of the Turkish plant alone is 3,000 concrete mixers per year. The plants have produced over 40,000 concrete truck mixers that travel around the world.

Plant IMER Aksaray Turkey

The IMER GROUP has introduced a quality control system (QMS) based on a defined set of documented methods and procedures. This ensures constant, verifiable control during various stages of production, while the company solves any problems on an ongoing basis. The plant’s laboratory is equipped with specialized instruments. The company employs highly qualified technicians capable of the most complex and comprehensive analyzes. The effectiveness of the quality control system comes from a combination of methods, processes, tests and standards used every day at all stages of production.

The warranty on the products begins with the selection of the most suitable raw materials for each type of application. Correct identification by IMER R&D staff allows the selection of raw materials only with certified quality that can pass our internal compliance tests. Our quality requirements have always been fully in line with EN-ISO standards. In some cases, the procedures of our audit departments are even more stringent.

Imer Production Plants Aksaray 09

All products offered by IMER Production Plant are made in full compliance with European directives concerning the health and safety of workers and the safety of construction sites.