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Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05   |   Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN

Maszyny Imer

dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05  |  Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN


dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów


An unexpected event can give birth to an idea in the human mind. This idea develops and takes shape to materialize in the most effective form. This, however, will not ensure success. To achieve success, you need to think about the company as a whole, accumulating energy and resources together. What drives IMER, its mission, is the belief that collective action can increase quality and satisfaction. Joint commitment turns into products that will significantly contribute to the development of Your business.

Mission of Imer Group-01

The mission of the IMER Group is a specialization in machinery and equipment necessary for the production and transport of concrete. Not only in one sector but in all areas where concrete is used. Not only passion for quality, but also company transparency, business ethics guarantee respect for people, work and the environment.
These are the values ​​that guide the company. From the design to the finished product, the company aims to combine maximum usability with minimal environmental impact. IMER employees believe that their work can contribute to a better world. An important role for the company’s development is continuous improvement of products and the construction sector particularly contributes to global development.

Our solutions:

They are developed thanks to the commitment to raise the highest standards of performance, safety and environmental protection.

They are born after listening “carefully” to the needs of our clients.

Take advantage of the fact that we belong to a large industrial group.