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Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05   |   Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN

Maszyny Imer

dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05  |  Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN


dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Truck mixer pumps production

The production capacity of the IMER factories in Italy and Turkey is over 3,000 concrete truck mixers per year. The production halls where concrete mixer and mixer pumps are produced occupy a total area of 60,000 m2.
We manufacture boom-arm for mixer pumps from WELDOX steel. Wear components are produced from high-chromium alloys, resistant to abrasion. We make standard drums from 30MnB5 steel, while lightweight versions from a special IMER WEAR steel alloy.

Truck mixer pumps production Imer 01

We prepare steel semi-finished products used in production on numerically controlled plasma and laser burners. Mechanical components are machined on CNC machines. Instrumentation for individual production processes allows for automation and unification of production stages. Assembly of components into competed units takes place at task-stations and each assembly is subjected to an independent test.

We have implemented special quality control and problem solving procedures in our production facilities.