Mixer pump safety

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Truck mixer pump safety is at the highest level. IMER designers devoted a lot of attention to the safety of the operator as well as of other road users.

That is why mixer pumps have been equipped with simple but effective solutions. Among various units, sensors were used to correctly fold the boom into the transport position. Sensor that turns off the pump and agitator when the hopper grid is opened. Simple and necessary units in terms of safety are covers on the platforms at the hopper of the concrete mixer. Covers serve to protect the operator during machine operation and prevent limbs against injury.

Side protection bars are another element of safety. They are mounted on the sides and at the rear of the vehicle. This solution protects not only small vehicles, motorcyclists or cyclists but also pedestrians. Optional solutions supporting the safety of pump pumps can also include a reversing camera or additional lighting for the machine and the area around it.

Safety cover on the inspection platform 01

Safety cover on the inspection platform

IMER designers are fully aware of the works that are executed when washing concrete mixer drums. To ensure – at the priority – full operator’s safety , there is a […]

Safety on the hopper grid in the Imer mixer pump 01

Safety switch on the hopper grid

Safety switch on the hopper grid is a standard equipment for all Imer BOOMIX mixer-pump models. When the operator opens the grille while the machine is working, the sensor will […]

Openwork-type covers for drum on the platform of IMER mixer pump 01


IMER engineers are aware of the actions that the operator performs during cleaning and during the mixer drum inspection. To ensure full safety at work, an openwork drum cover was […]