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Maszyny Imer

dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

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dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Imer BOOMIX M529

The BOOMIX® machine line is characterized by the optimization of the machine weight due to the use of special metal alloys. The compact design allows the machine to be mounted on a shorter chassis, which in turn translates into the maneuverability of the set. Modern design solutions facilitate the ongoing maintenance of the machine, work and service work, reducing repair time. The pipeline made of manganese steel with a diameter of DN125 mounted on one side of the machine allows for easy inspection and transport of concrete. Two-section “V” shaped hydraulic front supports guarantee machine stability, and thus safe working conditions even when the concrete mixer drum is empty. The special design of element III and element IV means that a larger working area can be achieved due to the effective use of the boom in a horizontal range.

Truck mixer pump IMER BOOMIX M529 01
Truck mixer pump IMER BOOMIX M529

Features of the Boomix M529 machine:

  • large diameter pipeline DN125;
  • friendly service in terms of maintenance and repairs;
  • large working area.

The IMER Boomix M529 pump has three concrete mixer variants with a nominal capacity of 7, 8 and 9 m3. The pressure water system supplies a 800 l water tank. The water tank has a 350 l capacity and is integrated with an oil tank. The boom consists of 4 sections with Z-type folding system. It was made of weldox 700 steel with high tensile strength. Vertical reach of the boom is 28.7m while horizontal is 24.7m. The minimum boom opening height is only 6.65 m.

This model has a DN125mm pipeline with 5.5 ”connections. The pipes are made of HB 400 steel. The end hose of a 3 meter lenght is a standard scope of supply. The maximum distance between the front supports is just over 5 m, while the distance between the rear supports is just over 2 m. The machine is mounted on 8 × 4 chassis. The drive requires a power take-off from the engine to drive a concrete mixer and a double power take-off from the gearbox to operate the boom and pump

Truck mixer pump IMER BOOMIX M529 02

Imer BOOMIX M529 pumping unit:

  • Pump type SCP 60/55;
  • Flow rate: 60 m3 / h at 30 cycles / 1′;
  • Piston diameter: 200 mm;
  • Stroke: 1.000 mm;
  • Pumping pressure: 55 bar;
  • Hopper capacity: 350 l;
  • 7″ S-valve;
  • Wear plates is made of steel: 700 HB;
  • Hydraulic pump: 107 cm3 / revolution with constant power regulator;
  • Level sensor on the hopper;
  • Safety limit switch on the charging hopper grille;
  • Vibrator on the hopper grid;
  • Foldable chute for easy maintenance.
Truck mixer pump IMER BOOMIX M529 03

Imer BOOMIX M529 pump equipment

  • Radio remote control (additional cable control as an option);
  • Chute with a hydraulic lift;
  • Tool box;
  • Machine level-gauge indicators;
  • Rear work light;
  • Centralized lubrication system for concrete pumps;
  • Plates for support feet.