Truck Mixer Pumps

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Concrete pumps with concrete mixers BOOMIX®, create a high-quality concrete transport and pumping system with high functionality.

Every detail of the machine has been invented, designed and constructed taking into account the ease of operation and maintenance. Taking into account the simplicity of assembly on the truck chassis. The multi-stage analyzed and optimized design and the use of special high-strength steel guarantee a stable structure. Characterized by high stability and low susceptibility to deformation. By using pump-group components made of special alloys IMER BOOMIX allows for high resistance to frictional wear.

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Over three decades of BOOMIX® machinery operation on global markets have resulted in a high level of know-how. And that is still translated into the improvement and optimization of these machines. Experience in the design of vehicles of all brands allows to achieve optimal versatility of machines while ensuring safety in the workplace as well as on the road.

Truck mixer pump IMER BOOMIX M529 01

Imer BOOMIX M529

The BOOMIX® machine line is characterized by the optimization of the machine weight due to the use of special metal alloys. The compact design allows the machine to be mounted […]

Imer BOOMIX M429 02

Imer BOOMIX M429

Versatility and strenght are one of the most crucial features of Imer BOOMIX® M429. The boom is made of steel with a high yield strength and consists of four boom […]

Imer Boomix Z424 02

Imer Boomix Z424

Imer BOOMIX Z424 is primarily a simple, compact, relatively lightweight design that is characterized by reliability. A simple and non-complicated three-sectional twenty-four-meter boom is perfect for limited spaces. “Z” type […]