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Maszyny Imer

dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Biuro Gdańsk: +48 58 320 13 05  |  Biuro Warszawa: +48 504 060 713   |  PL  |  EN


dzisiaj wszyscy dążymy do jutrzejszych celów

Imer Boomix Z424

Imer BOOMIX Z424 is primarily a simple, compact, relatively lightweight design that is characterized by reliability. A simple and non-complicated three-sectional twenty-four-meter boom is perfect for limited spaces. “Z” type folding with an opening angle of 270 ° between the second and third section. The distance between the front supports is just a bit more than 4m. These solutions allow the machine to work in narrow city streets.

Imer Boomix Z424 01

Features of the Imer Boomix Z424 machine:

  • lightweight construction;
  • operator friendly;
  • simple problem solving.

For the Imer Boomix Z424, we have three variants of concrete mixers with a nominal capacity of 7, 8 and 9 m3. We supply a 650 l water tank for the pressure water system. The boom consists of 3 sections which are folding with the Z-type system. It is made of weldox 700 steel with high tensile strength. The vertical reach of the boom is 24.0 m while the horizontal is 20.4 m. The minimum boom opening height is only 6.95 m. This model has a DN100mm pipeline with 4.5” couplings. The pipeline itself is made of HB 400 steel. At the end of the pipeline there is a 3m hose as standard. The maximum span of the front supports is just over 4 m, while the distance between the two rear is approximately 2m. The machine is mounted on 8 × 4 chassis. The drive requires a power take-off from the engine to drive a concrete mixer, and a double power take-off from the gearbox to operate the boom and pump.

Imer Boomix Z424 02

Imer BOOMIX Z424 pumping unit:

  • Pump type SCP 60/55;
  • Flow rate: 60 m3 / h at 30 cycles per minute;
  • Piston diameter: 200 mm;
  • Stroke: 1.000 mm;
  • Pumping pressure: 55 bar;
  • Hopper capacity: 350 l;
  • 7″ S-valve;
  • Wear plates is made of steel: 700 HB;
  • Hydraulic pump: 107 cm3 / revolution with constant power regulator;
  • Overflow sensor on the hopper;
  • Safety limit switch on the charging hopper grille;
  • Vibrator on the hopper grate;
  • Foldable chute for easy maintenance.

Imer BOOMIX Z424 pump equipment

  • Radio remote control (cable control as option);
  • Chute with a hydraulic lift;
  • Tool box;
  • Machine level gauge;
  • Rear working light;
  • Centralized lubrication system for concrete pumps;
  • Outrigger support plates.
Imer Boomix Z424 03