Truck mixer assembly options

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Assembly options of Imer truck mixers depend on customer requirements. The manufacturer has allowed many variants and additional options. Imer engineers paid a lot of attention to accessories. Some of them are designed to reduce the weight of complete machine – ranging from aluminum fenders to the aluminum water tank.

You can also choose steel or light-weight extension chutes made of abrasion-resistant plastic. These chutes are also available in standard-equipment mixer versions.

Another advantage is the hydraulically adjustable hopper tilt. Truck mixer assembly can be equipped with a tank for concrete additives. An additional accessory box made of durable plastic can also be useful.

Truck mixer assembly options 00Example of assembly options of Imer concrete truck mixers.

A foldable (fold over) extension chute is a practical solution. Its ergonomic handles prevent your hands from getting injured. The mixer outlet cover can also be a useful solution to protect from leaking and accidental concrete fall.

Additives tank for Imer concrete truck mixer 01

Additives tank

An additional tank for liquid additives for ready-mixed concrete is included in the optional equipment in our truck mixers. The additives tank is made of stainless steel and has a […]

Truck mixer control 02

Truck mixer control

Control of the mixer during the operation depends on the type of hydraulic drive system used. If the regulator on hydraulic pump used for mixer drive is a mechanical type, […]

Aluminum mudguards in Imer truck mixers 03

Aluminum mudguards

Aluminum mudguards which we use in our concrete mixers instead of steel mudguards are designed to significantly reduce the total weight of the vehicle.Moreover the ribbed aluminum fenders are used […]

IMER concrete mixer chutes 01


IMER concrete mixers are equipped with additional extension chutes made of lightweight plastic. Polystone material is a type of polyethylene that is characterized by high impact strength, high abrasion resistance […]

Hopper hydraulic jack 01

Hopper hydraulic jack

IMER assembles a hydraulic cylinder which is adjusting the angle of inclination of the main discharge chute. This unit can be installed in the whole range of concrete truck mixers […]

Fold over chute on Imer truck mixers 01

Fold Over Extention Chute

A fold over extention chute is hinged on the main discharge chute. It is a standard equipment on every Imer concrete truck mixer. It’s ergonomics allow for practical and safe […]

Mixer outlet cover 01

Mixer outlet cover

The hydraulically driven covers mounted on the mixer outlet are used to secure the load transported in the mixer.You can differenciate two versions: so called half-plug to secure the transport […]