Truck mixer safety

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Above all the issues the priority for Imer engineers in designing was the safety of concrete truck mixers. It is not only about the operator’s safety, but also about other road users. Therefore, truck mixers are equipped with simple but effective solution.

The security range includes, among others, drum safety lock.
The lock protects against uncontrolled rotation of the drum while an inspection or maintenance person is inside. To get inside the drum, two oval hatches were designed. The hatches facilitate maintenance through more effective ventilation. A simple and necessary design in terms of safety are guards on the platforms at the hopper of the concrete mixer. Covers serve to protect the operator during machine operation and prevent limbs from being injured.

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Side protection guards are another element of safety. They are mounted on the sides and at the rear of the vehicle. This simple solution protects not only small vehicles, motorcyclists or cyclists but also pedestrians. Optional safety support solutions also include a reversing camera or additional lighting for the machine and the area around it.