Water installation

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Water installation is “must-have” accessory in each concrete truck mixer. It is rare that construction sites have a water intake. Thus, the water installation on the concrete mixer construction allows it to be independent during the transport of concrete and at the construction site.

The main function is to remove the remains of the concrete mix from the drum, hopper and chutes. The main unit is a water tank which are available in two design versions. The standard version is a gravitational version in combination with a centrifugal water pump. Second one is a pressure tank of a hydrophore type. It is connected to the vehicle’s pneumatic system. This allows high pressure to be obtained in the water system. The pressure booster system is more efficient and handles troublesome concrete residues more easily.

Water installation IMER concrete mixers

Furthermore – if it is allowed by the batching plant technologist – certain amount of water allows the operator to maintain the correct density of the mix. The tanks used by Imer have a capacity of up to 650 liters. For proper metering of water into the concrete mix, IMER factory assembles water-meters on the water installation as standard.