Concrete pump

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Concrete pump in all IMER mixer pumps is a separate, integral unit named pumping unit type SCP 60/55. Concrete pump consists of a charging hopper with a horizontally rotating agitator, “S” valve unit and a pair of conveying cylinders – diameter 200 × 1000 coupled with hydraulic drive cylinders.

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In most cases, we pour concrete from a concrete mixer into the charging hopper. In fact, the purpose of the agitator is to distribute the concrete mix to the suction zone. Thus, the “S” valve works as a suction and pressure valve. Then with every cycle it is shifted by a hydraulic cylinder, from the position of one conveying cylinder to the other. The sequential type of pumping allows to extend the lifetime of the spectacle wear plate and the wear ring.

Below we present the datailed units of the concrete pumps used in Imer BOOMIX mixer pumps.