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IMER GROUP engineers have designed the BOOMIX boom pump boom as THREE or FOUR – SECTIONAL BOOM designs with the “Z” or “M” folding configuration. The boom arms are made of Weldox 700 structural steel. The boom arms are connected via bolts with safety protections.

The boom base and rotation mechanism are designed to provide torsional strength and rigidity of the entire struicture. The stability of the entire machine and safe maneuvering of the M529 boom and M429 boom is ensured by hydraulically extendable outriggers. The supports are of the V shape for M429 and M529 booms or of the T type system for Z424 machines.

The boom is controlled by a proportional hydraulic distributor and driven by a hydraulic pump. Concrete is pumped through the pipeline supplied in DN100 or DN125 configurations – depending on the boom model. For a proper operation and maintenance, the boom may be equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

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Boom arms

R The booms that are mounted in Boomix truck mixer pump are three sectional (in case of the BOOMIX Z424 machine) and four sectional (in case of the BOOMIX M429 […]

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Rotation of the boom

A high quality thrust boom slewing bearing is installed on the boom base structure, which is attached to the machine support frame. Boom rotation is carried out by means of […]

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Hydraulic outriggers

The M529 and M429 BOOMIX versions are stabilized by two-stage telescopic, hydraulically extracted outriggers in the “V” system. This solution ensures machine stability and safety even with an empty concrete […]

Boom control in Imer mixer pumps 01

Boom control

The boom pump is driven by a hydraulic pump mounted on the chassis gearbox power take-off. Control of the arms and rotation of the boom is carried out by a […]

Boom pipeline

The boom pipeline is the basic wearing-out unit of any concrete pump. Currently, IMER is equipping its machines with two types of pipelines. These are pipelines with DN125 and DN100 […]

Central lubrication system for Imer mixer pumps 02

Central lubrication system

Central lubrication system for the pumping unit greasing is a standard equipment in IMER truck mixer pumps. This system is built on the basis of a lubrication grease pump with […]